Palacky University Olomouc is proud to be a part of Aurora, a consortium that gathers nine top research universities under the banner of the European Commission’s flagship European Universities initiative.  Find out below what UP’s participation in Aurora can mean for you as an academic.  

Due to the current transition into the next European Universities funding-cycle, Aurora does not currently process any mobilities. More information on the updated mobility opportunities will be provided in the beginning of 2024. 


Our participation in Aurora opens up a plethora of opportunities for UP academics and researchers. In bringing together nine leading research universities from across Europe in a long-term cooperation, Aurora aims to improve the profile and societal impact of the research of its institutions.

Furthermore, the Aurora Research & Innovation project aims to allign our universities‘ research strategy, to make joint research with our Aurora partners easier then ever.

In addition, we are currently developing an extensive mapping of available research infrastructure, ranging from equipment and machinery to expertise, to give you further insight in interesting avenues of potential cooperation.

We also have the opportunity to fund you for short mobilities to our partner universities, find out more:

Aurora Research Mobility


Through Aurora, you will gain access to cutting-edge, innovative teaching methods to further improve your teaching.

Together the Aurora Universities have developed the so-called Aurora Competence Framework (ACF), a “Tool-box“ for teachers to include soft-skills and competencies such as critical thinking in their syllabi. The ACF will make it easy for you to take your classes’ learning outcomes beyond mere subject knowledge, helping students apply the subject knowledge to tackle societal issues.    

On top of that, the our deep cooperation between our universities will make it easy for you to set up joint teaching activities with one of the Aurora universities. We even have the possibility to fund you, if you are interested in visiting some of your peers to work on joint teaching outcomes.

Aurora Staff Mobility


Wether you wish to participate in joint research, teach a class with a colleague from abroad, or just develop cooperation with one of our partners, Aurora can make things easier for you.

Because our universities are commited to long-term strategic cooperation, we can provide you with top-level support for your cooperation, by lowering barriers, streamlining administration, minimalizing paperwork.   

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