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Originally formed in 2016, Aurora is a consortium of research-intensive universities deeply committed to the social impact of our activities, and with a history of engagement with our communities. Our overall vision is to use our academic excellence in education and research to influence societal change. In the first phase of our collaboration, we have prioritized maximising societal impact of research, strengthening diversity and inclusion, and using student engagement to drive innovation in teaching and learning.

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Palacký University


UP constitutes the member of the Aurora Alliance (9 societally engaged research universities in the EU) committed to European University programme, a 36-month-long strategic partnership supported by the European Commission, Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), under the Erasmus PLUS 2020.


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Join the First Series of Aurora Peace Talks

Join us from September for the first series of Aurora Peace Talks. This lecture series will feature talks by our colleagues from Kharkiv and beyond, and allows them to share […]

Rector Martin Procházka elected President of the Aurora university network

Martin Procházka, Rector of Palacký University Olomouc, will lead the European university network Aurora as of the new academic year. He was elected its president by the Aurora General Council […]

Aurora Statement in Support of Karazin University

It is with great concern that we have witnessed the latest developments in the ongoing Russian invasion in Ukraine. The recent advances by the Russian army into the Kharkiv region, […]


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