Bringing together 9 of the best universities in Europe, Aurora offers the students in each of its universities the chance to often participate in the many projects, internships and events that are available. This will give you the chance to make friends across Europe and meet, work and study with them regularly, throughout your studies!  

Due to the current transition into the next European Universities funding-cycle, Aurora does not currently process any mobilities. More information on the updated mobility opportunities will be provided in the beginning of 2024. 

Our universities have opened their courses for you and welcome you to participate and visit them, so that together we can tackle Europe’s biggest challenges:

  1. Sustainability and Climate Change
  2. Digitalization and Global Citizenship
  3. Health and Wellbeing
  4. Culture: Identity and Diversity

All Aurora Universities acknowledge the importance of these challenges, which is why labeled them our Pilot Domains; the focus points of our cooperation!


The doors to the classrooms of some of the best universities are open to you! Through Aurora, you can easily take interesting classes at Aurora Universities by participating online. A lot of our course are hybrid courses, meaning that although they are mainly online, they will offer also you the opportunity to visit the university in-person, for example for a workshop or final presentation.  

For a full overview of the courses open to you, please take a look at the Aurora Virtual Campus.

More information on student mobilities can be found here.


Do you enjoy accepting challenges and want to test your knowledge and practical skills in the field? Then it is time to start preparing for your traineeship abroad.

An international traineeship will offer you the chance to learn how to communicate and work efficiently in a multicultural environment, developing your foreign language skills. During your traineeship you will have the opportunity to build up your CV and grow your professional network, while also strengthening your self-confidence and independence.

Aurora is here to extend the offer of relevant student traineeships abroad and to increase their impact by combining them with our four pilot domains (Sustainability & Climate Change, Digital Society & Global Citizenship, Health & Well-being, Culture: Diversity & Identity). We also add a Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation element, and welcome traineeships focusing on research, or Service Learning.

More information on our interships and traineeships can be found here.

Engage with us!

Next to taking classes at one of our universities, or going on a traineeship, you are also invited to let your voice be heard. Aurora universities believe that our students are the future. We want to listen to you and amplify your voices and opinions across our Alliance!

If you want to engage with Aurora and the way it takes shape, or if you just want to share the possibilities with your friends and classmates, we have the following opportunities for you:

Aurora Student Council

The Aurora Student Council  is made up of representatives from across the Aurora Universities, working to support and help advise the Aurora universities’ senior management to help drive its collective ambitions forward. As a council, we are committed to the social impact of our activities, with a common interest in the SDGs, engaging our student communities in everything we do. You can read more about the the Aurora Student Council here

The Aurora Student Council is headed by an elected president. The current president of the Aurora Student Council is Alma Ágústsdóttir (

You can follow the Aurora Student Council on Intagram @aurorastudentcouncil.

Interested in becoming one of Palacky University’s Aurora Representatives, reach out to Niels Hexspoor for more information


Aurora Student Ambassadors & Champions

Next to Aurora Student Council, Aurora currently organizes two other roles for students to get involved : the Aurora Student Champions, and Aurora Ambassadors. 

Aurora Student Ambassador

As and Ambassador, you will attend a training session to learn more about Aurora and representing the student body, and the types of activity you could choose to do… such as writing a blog, planning an Aurora event, creating resources and promoting Aurora activity on social media. This could just be a one-off activity or ad hoc hours during the year when it suits you. You will be guided by your university or Aurora Student Council representative, with the opportunity to meet other students on the Schemes during “drop-in” style sessions.

Aurora Student Champion

If you are able to dedicate between 12-40 hours, and want to develop your graduate skills, work in a professional network  you should consider becoming an Aurora Student Champion, adding evidence of work to your CV and gaining a certificate and reference.

You will attend a training session to learn more about Aurora and representing the student body, and the types of activity you can get involved in… you will be allocated to an Aurora project working group, invited to meet its members and learn about its work, contribute to discussions and help develop ideas and activity outputs. You will keep a log of the hours you work and gather evidence to show what you’ve achieved. You will be guided by your allocated working group, you will have opportunities to contribute to Aurora-wide events, you will be guided on how to evidence your work and will be paired with other Champions, so you can work together on projects. You will also have the opportunity to meet other students on the Schemes during “drop-in” style sessions.

For more information on the possibilities for UP Students within Aurora, please contact Niels Hexspoor (