Aurora Alliance has 6 work packages of which three are substantive (WP 3, 4, and 5) and 3 technical. (WP 1, 2, and 6)  Together these work packages contain 26 activities. In the diagram, all activities are listed, and the activities led or co-led by UP are highlighted. 

WP1: Management & Leadership

WP Description

One of three technical work packages, the first work package deals with the program management and coordination of the Aurora Alliance. WP1 is lead by VU Amsterdam in its role of coordinating institute for the Aurora Alliance. The WP features participants from all member universities and is divided into five tasks.

Local WP1 Leader:

Task 1.1 Governance

Task 1.1 ensures that all government and management bodies are operational and supported. It also ensures that decision making and conflict resolution mechanism are implemented and functioning.

UP Contacts:
Selma Porobic

Task 1.2 Communications

Concerned with communications, this task ensures the reciprocal flow of information relevant for the implementation of the Aurora Alliance and its goals.

UP Contact:
Niels Hexspoor

Task 1.3 Monitoring

Task 1.3 deals with keeping track of and ensuring adequate feedback on the execution of task and achievement of deliverables

UP Contact:
Selma Porobic

Task 1.4
Financial Management

Task 1.4 ensures the effective, efficient and legitimate allocation and accounting of resources, throughout the Aurora Alliance

Contact: Ondrej Nemcak 

Task 1.5
Risk Management

Concerned with mitigating risk and avoiding risk jeopardizing the overall of the Aurora Alliance Proposal

UP Contact:
Selma Porobic

WP2: Quality Assurance

WP Description

One of the three technical work packages, Work Package 2 is concerned with the monitoring and ensuring the quality of the Aurora Alliance. WP2 is led by the University of Iceland, featuring participants from all member universities, and is divided into five tasks.

Local WP2 Leader:
Michal Malacka

Task 2.1
Quality Systems

Creating an integrated quality management system, in which all work package teams, and all activity teams share responsibility.

UP Participants:
Michal Malacka
Hana Maresová

Task 2.2
Quality Culture

Implementing a culture that enhances of relevance-coherence-effectiveness-efficiency-impact-sustainability of task execution.

UP Participants:
Michal Malacka
Hana Maresová

Task 2.3
Internal Quality Monitoring

This task aims to guarantee the regular assessment deliverables, task and processes to ensure they are relevant, that they reach the intended impact, are coherent with other activities, are sustainable and embraced by students, staff and external stakeholders.

UP Participants:
Michal Malacka
Hana Maresová

Task 2.4
External Quality Monitoring

Concerned with setting up a mechanism for external quality monitoring, this task aims to ensure a process of critical external review.

UP Participants:
Michal Malacka
Hana Maresová

Task 2.5
Quality Enhancement

In order to enhance the overall quality of the program, this task team aims to make sure that recommendations of the quality team and the external quality board are implemented

UP Participants:
Michal Malacka
Hana Maresová

WP3: Aurora Learning for Societal Impact

WP Description

This substantive Work Package will change educational practice so that students will be learning for demonstrable and tangible societal impact. WP3 is lead by the University of East Anglia.

Local WP Leader:
Vít Zouhar

Task 3.1.1
Competences Framework

Task Team 3.1.1 looks to develop and implement the Aurora Competences Framework of general academic and personal competences with progressive performance descriptors, needed to ensure students become social entrepreneurs & innovators.

UP Participants:
Veronika Tomoszková,
Maxim Tomoszek

Task 3.1.2
Aurora Internship Program

Led by Palacky University’s Marie Rakova, this task teams work on improving and extending the use of Service Learning and International Internships as specific Aurora pedagogical methods contributing to skills/values development.

UP Activity Leader and Participant:
Marie Raková,
Zuzana Hanelová

Task 3.1.3
Aurora Service Learning Program

This task team will train academics and support staff in the use of Service Learning and Internship to enhance the development of students’ skills, attitudes, and behavioral intentions. We will analyze the impact on actual development of these skills, attitudes, and behavioral intentions.

UP Participants:
Tatiana Matulayova

Task 3.2
Aurora Social Transformation

Make the Aurora Alliance student population reflect the talent in the communities we serve, without underrepresentation of any groups in our population.

UP Participants:
Lucia Madlenaková

Task 3.3
Aurora Borderless Learning

Task 3.3 and its sub-activities aim to create an Aurora Education Area with recognized mobility for all.

UP Participant:
Yvona Vyhnanková

Task 3.3.1
Recognition & Mobility

This Task Team strives to understand and overcome recognition & mobility obstacles students and staff might face when opting for an exchange withing the Aurora Alliance

UP Participant:
Yvona Vyhnanková

Task 3.3.2

Ensuring plurilingualism through opening existing language-learning opportunities (courses, labs, platforms, games) across the Aurora Alliance is the goal of this task team.

UP Participant:
Markus Obrink

Task 3.3.3
IT-supported International Student Services

This task team will set up the Aurora Open Educational Resources platform.

UP Participant:
David Skoupil

Task 3.4
Aurora Pilot Domains

This Task Team will test and implement our innovations in competencies and mobility opportunities as well the SDG perspective across all programs in Aurora’s four pilot domains: Sustainability & Climate Change; Digital Society & Global Citizenship; Health & Well-being; and Culture: Diversity & Identity

UP Participants:
Mirsolav Syrovatka,
Klara Seitlová,
Petra Mandisova,
Helena Kisvetrova,
Pavlina Flajsarova

Task 3.5
Aurora Teaching for Societal Impact

This task is concerned with systematically equipping and supporting academic teachers in Teaching for Societal Impact in terms of skills & mindset, international experience, diverse classroom and SDG-perspective.

UP Participants:
Jana Poláchová

Task 3.6
Aurora Learning Analytics

This Task Teams objective is to strengthen the evidence base of Aurora education through big data analysis.

UP Participant:
Vít Dočekal

WP4: Engaging Communities

WP Description

Work Package 4 is a substantive work package that will change educational practice so that students will be learning for demonstrable and tangible societal impact. This Work Package, containing five task teams, is led by Rovira I Virgili University.

Local WP Leader:
Michal Malacka

Task 4.1
Aurora Co-creation

This task aims to make co-creation a generally accepted embedded practice with academics skilled in co-creation as a technique.

UP Participant:
Maxim Tomoszek

Task 4.2
Aurora Research Platforms

Co-led by UP’s Marie Jadrnickova, Task 4.2 is concerned with developing academic  collaboration  within  Aurora  towards  the  intra-Alliance optimum, enhancing cross-fertilization between education and research.

UP Co-leader:
Marie Jadrníčková

Task 4.3
Social Entrepreneursh. & Innovation

Focused on Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation, this task team strived to turn this concept into a common field of expertise at the Alliance level.

UP Participant:
Ondřej Kročil

Task 4.4
Aurora Capacity Development Support program

The CDS Program, led by UP’s Selma Porobic and Tereza Kalouskova, aims to narrow the gap in quality in higher education & research in different parts of Europe by  supporting  universities  in  CE  Europe  and  Neighboring  Countries  in strengthening their capacity for academic excellence and societal relevance.

UP Leader:
Tereza Kalousková

Task 4.5
Aurora Institute

This Task Team aims to form an Aurora Institute, to express and enhance the identity of the Aurora European University Alliance as an European  institution  in  its  own  right,  beyond  the  identity  of  the  individual member universities of the Alliance.

UP Participant: 
David Kosina

WP5: Aurora Sustainability Pioneers

WP Description

A substantive work package, WP5 is led by the University of Innsbruck and contains four task teams. Its aim is to change educational practice so that students will be learning for demonstrable and tangible societal impact.

Local WP Leader:
Tomas Opatrny

Task 5.1 Aurora SDG Research Dashboard

This task concerns turning the SDGs into a leading narrative for research in the Aurora Alliance.

UP Participant:
Robert Jaworek

Task 5.2.1 Aurora SDG Education Dashboard

This task aims to turn the SDGs into a leading narrative for Education in the Aurora Alliance by building an SDG Education Dashboard, showing the SDG-nature of relevant courses across Aurora

UP Participants:
Miroslav Syrovátka,
Jiří Tesařík

Task 5.2.2 Aurora SDG Education Offer

The Task Team for 5.2.2 will open an Alliance-wide common SDG course, available to all Aurora Students, and add an SDG perspective to regular existing topical courses.

UP Participants:
Miroslav Syrovátka

Task 5.3 Aurora Sustainable Campus Action plan

To make the Aurora Alliance campuses sustainable in the SDG-sense, by sharing best practices and prioritizing the reduction of carbon footprints across the Alliance.

UP Co-Leader:
Zuzana Hunkova

WP6: Sustainability & Dissemination

WP Description

One of three technical Work Packages, WP6 aspires to contribute to active sharing of good practices, experiences and outcomes with other institutions and networks. It aims to create the Aurora European University as a lasting institution as part of the European Education Area. It is led by the University of Napoli Federico II, in cooperation with Palacký University Olomouc.

Local WP Leader:
Niels Hexspoor

WP6.1 Sustainability

The task team for the Aurora sustainability of change plan is led by Niels Hexspoor from UP, with participants from several Alliance Universities. The task team will work with together with other WPs to enhance the sustainability of the Aurora European University Alliance.

UP Lead: Niels Hexspoor

WP6.2 Dissemination

The task team looks to create interaction between European University Alliances, as well as relevant non-HEI stakeholders by sharing a growing uptake of Aurora deliverables within and outside Aurora.

UP Participant:
Niels Hexspoor