20. 06. 2022 / 09:50

Bringing together international academics and PhD. Candidates, Aurora is pleased to present the opportunities of the Aurora Doctoral Pool.

For Ph.D. students, the doctoral pool can put you in touch with international experts who are willing to help you with your research, for example, in the role of a secondary supervisor, mentor or dissertation opponent. You search for and contact these experts easily through the Aurora Doctoral Pool Database. 

For academics, the doctoral pool will allow you to work with the brightest Ph.D. candidates from across the Aurora universities and it will give you opportunities, to for example serve on doctoral committees at these universities.  This will of course be a great door-opener to potential research collaboration projects.

Launched as part of the Aurora Virtual Campus, the Aurora Doctoral Pool currently has a database of almost 300 experts in various research field from across our partner universities. Interested academics are welcome to register here.