18. 03. 2022 / 11:33

The International Co-creation Learning Lab (April 28th to 30th , 2022) will be held at VU Amsterdam and will provide a platform for Co-creation experts, practitioners, interested researchers and educators, students and community partners to discuss and share knowledge and experiences on co-creation practices aimed towards connecting science and society. This learning lab is for teachers, academic staff and researchers, as well as PhD students (who can obtain 3 ECTS by participating in this training). Come join us to discuss and practice co-creation with international experts from Aurora Universities through interactive, engaging and innovative co-creative sessions.  

Also, a highlight and added motivation to travel might be the Netherlands King’s day celebration that will commence from April 27th – all the way to the weekend! If you have time – we would definitely encourage you to come to Amsterdam by the evening of April 26th – so you can join in some additional celebrations that take place the night before the King’s day!

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The International Co-creation Learning Labis FREE for all Aurora partners/members to participate.

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The main aim of the event are as follows:

  • Facilitate sharing of ideas and experiences on co-creation (best practices, pitfalls, innovations)
  • Connect co-creation experts, practitioners, students, and community partners from around the world
  • Build an engaged community of co-creation practitioners
  • Foster co-creation practices in research and education within and beyond Aurora

Some of the co-creation experts at the event include:

  • Dr. Marjolein Zweekhorst, VUA, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Jaqueline Broerse, VUA, The Netherlands
  • Dr. Wolfgang Stark, UDE, Germany
  • Dr. Marco Biondi, UNINA, Italy
  • Dr. Barbara Majello, UNINA, Italy
  • Dr. Johan Fuller, UINN, Austria
  • Karsten Altenschmidt, UDE, Germany
  • Maxim Tomoszek, UPOL, The Czech Republic
  • Veronika Tomoszkova, UPOL, The Czech Republic
  • Pavel Veselsky, UPOL, The Czech Republic
  • Anna Maria Segarra, URV, Spain
  • Eleni Papaoikonoumou, URV, Spain
  • … and many more!

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