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Aurora Spring Biannual 2024 je setkání členů evropské univerzitní sítě Aurora. Tentokrát jej hostí Neapolská univerzita Fridricha II. a jeho součástí je mimo jiné volba nového prezidenta této sítě. Na programu je dále například plenární diskuze o inovacích ve vzdělávání a učení a o roli univerzitních aliancí v proměně evropského vysokého školství. Prorektor Michal Malacka pak bude členem panelu Aurora Stakeholder Engagement. Zasedat bude také Studentská rada Aurory, jejíž prezident Hanuš Patera je studentem psychologie na Filozofické fakultě UP. V neposlední řadě se chystá podpis Plánu udržitelného rozvoje Aurory – ten vznikl díky práci týmu Sustainable Campus, který vede právě Univerzita Palackého.

Hlavní body programu (dostupný zde) lze sledovat také online.

Tuesday, May 28th 2024

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, and join us for a series of insightful plenaries on Joint Educational Programmes, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Participatory Democracy & Citizen Science. This biannual promises enriched discussions and invaluable insights from renowned experts in the field.

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 Tackling today’s major global challenges requires an unprecedented scientific, cultural, and technological commitment. European universities can play a decisive role in helping to identify problems and solutions. However, there is a need for innovation in teaching and research in a rapidly changing context in which internationalisation is increasingly relevant as an inclusive and inclusive process. In this panel, we will discuss with experts who will bring their experiences in the field of defining innovative and internationalising educational pathways, focusing on the role of European University Alliances and European joint degrees and programs.

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 During the Aurora Inspiring Talks, Prof. Emilie Frenkiel from Université Paris Est Creteil and Prof. Roberto Delle Donne from University Federico II of Naples will lead an enlightening discussion on deliberative democracy and citizen science. This session will explore the pivotal role of Student Citizens’ Assemblies, experimental processes designed to give students a voice on transitioning to sustainability by transposing Climate Citizens’ Assemblies into academic settings. In return, students gain multi-faceted training, deliberate and produce recommendations for living in a more ecological and inclusive society at the level of the university and beyond. The discussion will also cover the broader implementation within Aurora, empowering communities through engagement and collaboration and providing insights into navigating challenges toward a more inclusive, sustainable, and knowledge-driven future.

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This year, the University of Naples Federico II turns 800 years old and celebrates it with the entire city and our Aurora community. One of the oldest in Europe, the University of Napels Frederico II was the first university institution founded by a secular public authority. A record to be proud of, which owes its origins to the enlightened Frederick II of Svevia, the emperor who 800 years ago, on 5 June 1224, founded the university in which knowledge was made available to anyone in the Kingdom who wished to have access to it, to be “… made wise and shrewd by drawing from the fountain of science and the nursery of sciences”. In the national and international context, Federico II 800′ is a widespread event involving students and the entire federician community in Naples. The celebrations are an opportunity to bridge history and the future, to make the Federico network and its university identity known, disseminated and enhanced.

12:30 – 13:00 (CET) | Join livestream


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Collaboration and co-creation of educational pathways and research and development activities are priorities for Aurora and European universities. Strategic collaboration between European universities should foster collaboration between territorial partners with different characteristics and different cultural, productive, and scientific missions. We will meet and get to know some of Aurora’s most relevant territorial partners to better understand how to promote innovation, impact, and social entrepreneurship capacity.

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Wednesday, May 29th 2024

Join us on Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, for Aurora’s student council plenary session! Discover their exciting diversity and inclusion initiatives and hear their innovative recommendations. Don’t miss out!

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 The Aurora Student Council (ASC) will present their academic year projects, emphasising diversity and inclusion efforts and policy implementation recommendations. The ASC’s strategic goals will be discussed, followed by a debate on promoting student participation in task teams. The panel aims to engage the general audience in discussions on student involvement in Aurora 2030.

11:30 – 13:00 (CET) | Join livestream