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15. 03. 2022 / 14:27

The University of Iceland is offering an great innovative course for Ph.D. students, to develop their soft skill through video games!

Apply here before March 20th

You will learn about and enhance three types of own soft skills. These are, first, Cognitive Flexibility, defined as the ability to see patterns and generate different options to analyse and solve problems in new situations. Second, is the Team Management skill, i.e., the ability to motivate, develop and direct people as they work, identifying the best people for the job. Third, the Judgement and Decision-Making skill, i.e., considering relative strengths and weaknesses of the possible actions and to choose the most appropriate one.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • possess clear abilities to adapt to new situations and improve their thinking “outside the box”
  • show leadership skills and values
  • analyse how individual and collective actions can be guided
  • argue and issue valid judgments based on the collectionof reliable information
  • take the initiative in actions proactively

Detailed information on the course, its contents and methods can be found here. 

Students need to organize and pay for own travel, food, and accommodation. If you apply, you are elligible to receive funding through Aurora. Contact aurora.up@upol.cz for more information.