04. 02. 2022 / 12:43

For the upcoming Summer and Winter Semester Palacký University Olomouc welcomes Aurora students to participate in several of our courses. We have over 45 courses available, in various different fields.

The full overview of our available courses can be found here.

If you are interested in participating in one of these courses, you can use the following Registration Form. For more information on the courses or the registration procedure, feel free to contact Martina Baleková.

Course Code Course Title  Credits
KHI/HH History of Holocaust 5
KHI/EHM Economic history of the modern world 5
KHI/RFB The Rise and Fall of the British Empire 5
KHI/XDRNF Texts and Images in Early Modern Culture 3
JUD/PJL Prayer and Piety: Introduction to Jewish Liturgy 4
JUD/I6 Modern Hebrew for Advanced Students 2
KAA/APG2 Grammar in Use 2 3
ASK/19SKK Specifics of Korean Culture 4
KRS/DISPV Dialects and Languages in Spain 6
KRS/DLISV History of Spanish and Hispanoamerican Linguistics 6
KRS/IJLAV Indigenous Languages of Latin America 6
KRP/PK4 Portuguese Conversation 4 2
KFK/PTTPO Cognitive Theory 6
KBV/GINT2 General and Special Introduction NT (2) 4
KST/EMR Ethics of Marriage and Family 4
KST/PTTMT Actual Topics in Moral Theology 2
KUP / CSEC Constitutional Systems of European Countries 4
KFI/NTCP3 Embodied Cognitive Science 5
KPE/BPPS Problems of Post-Soviet World 5
KAA/AJC4 English Language 4 3
KAA/AJC5 English Language 5 3
KAA/BRL1 British Literature 1 (1800-1900) 4
KAA/BS2M British Studies 2: Modern Br. Society 4
KAA/BS3G British Studies 3: Cultural Geography 4
KBV/ITGOL The Gospel of Luke 2
 –  Czech for Beginners  –
KAE/SSE  Sustainable Social Enterprises 4
PCH/BIESP Introduction to Educational and School Psychology 4
 –  Summer School of Slavonic Languages   – 
KAJ/AJZ1@ Teaching English to Young Learners 1 2
KAJ/YBRL1 British Literature 1  5
KAJ/YCBRL Contemporary British Literature 5
KNJ/YLEX1 German Lexikologie 1/Lexicology 1 5
KAJ/DISK@ Teaching Language Skills 2

You can find out more about these courses and their syllabi by clicking here and looking up the course using the code or course title.