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25. 04. 2022 / 13:26
Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, refers to the youngest generation born between 1996 and 2010, that will soon after finishing their studies enter the workforce and become a leading and influential part of the society. 
Would you like to learn more about the Gen Z while addressing them with different information at your institutions? 
Together with Strateggo, a Prague-based Strategic Marketing Agency, Palacký University conducted an extensive survey in November 2021, and would like to share the findings that can be relevant to all Aurora universities, working on the co-engagement of their young student communities.

The workshop on Generation Z with Mr. Císař from Strateggo will be held on May 12 from 10:00-12:00 in a hybrid form at Palacký University @ Tř. Svobody 26, room 4.41.

Participants can register online for both in-person and online participation by using these two links:

Palacký participants University can register via this link: https://czv-up.upol.cz/cs/registration/2353/detail/terms

Aurora Participants and from Associate partners can register via this link: https://czv-up.upol.cz/en/registration/2355/detail/terms