22. 02. 2021 / 16:34

The Aurora Student Council is delighted to be hosting the Aurora Care and Compassion Student event. This free virtual conference for students across all Aurora Universities is packed with engaging content to show students how Aurora cares for issues in modern society. The event will get students involved in activities and conversation across 4 key areas. These areas are Mental Health and Wellbeing, Open Educational Resources, Celebrating and Promoting Diversity, and Sustainability. Students’ participation in these activities and conversations will give them practical skills to take away and also help Aurora embed student voice into the heart of many exciting projects. We want students to learn about Aurora and equip them with the tools to champion Aurora’s values in their own universities.

The Aurora Spring Academic meeting will be hosted on the Gatherly platform, allowing you to freely move and chat with participants in groups of two or three or more.

If you are a student interested in any of these topics or you know of students that would be interested, click the link here to register your interest and come and join us on March 30th 2021.

Contribute to the Aurora community discussion regarding mental health using our hashtag,  #AuroraAllianceEU.  


More information about the program and schedule can be found below: 

Care & Compassion Programme

The sessions will occur twice in the day, giving participants ample opportunities to follow one of choice. A brief description follows below:

Isabel Ponce-Grosso // Introduction to Mindfulness // Mental Health and Wellbeing

This Mindfulness Introduction webinar is suitable for beginners and will cover some theoretical basics and discussion, followed by a guided meditation. It will also include tips to apply these skills into everyday life to help participants with their emotional wellbeing. They will also be directed to further available courses and resources if they wish to continue developing a mindfulness practice. 

Sylvia Moes & Anke Petschenka // Making OER possible – Raising awareness in the Aurora network // Open Educational Resources

Sylvia Moes & Anke Petschenka will introduce you to the world of Open Educational Resources on an international level. The session intends to explain the added values of OER and Open Education, the benefits for students, and how co-creation between staff members of Aurora and students takes place. The session ends with a discussion and sharing experiences.

Rodrigo Zapata // Be a Sustainability Leader today! // Sustainability

In this session titled: “Do you want to become someone who inspires and support action towards a better and sustainable world?” Rodrigo Zapata sheds light on several facets of embracing leadership in sustainability. Participants will gain insight on a) who a sustainable leader is, b) why and how anyone can become one, and c) surprising facts about leadership and sustainability. Rodrigo will also share a case study of the Go Movement and GOVU.

Jumara Stone // Unconscious Bias and Privilege // Celebrating and Promoting Diversity

We will be exploring the themes around bias and privilege that each of us holds in different ways. The session will introduce what an unconscious bias is, how we can look out for it, and why we use this bias. We will then focus on the privilege we have as individuals and how this enables us to move forward in life, more so than others. The session will end, focusing on being aware of such bias and privilege when we use our voice to support others.