International Summer University Programme at Copenhagen Business School

We are happy to inform you that Copenhagen Business School will be organizing International Summer University Programme (ISUP) in Summer 2023.

As part of the ISUP, two Aurora courses will be offered, each for 7,5 ECTS:



An Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship



Social Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation



Duration of the courses: 27 June – 13 July 2023

Exam period: Home assignments written in parallel with the course: 27 June – 14 July 2023.

Please note that in order to help students get the maximum value from ISUP-courses and to jump-start the learning process before the start of classes, students are expected to do a preliminary assignment – eighter a generic test/assignment that will be developed concerning “Nordic Nine” for all bachelor/undergraduate courses or an assignment prepared by the course coordinator & instructor for the graduate courses. The workload is approx.. 20 hours.


Application process:

Application period will start on 7 February 2023 at 12.00.

Students will have to fill out an online application through

You can read more about the application and student categories here:


The students are asked to tick the AURORA student box and selecting their home university when applying for exchange. Each Aurora Alliance university can nominate up to 6 students to apply and to participate during the programme.


Palacký University students who will want to participate need to follow below mentioned procedure:

  • Students needs to register at the application website between 7 February and 14 February 2023 – applications will be accepted on first come, first serve basis
  • At the same time, students must inform about their application (until 15 February the latest) the Aurora Mobility Coordinator on e-mail



Students accepted to the programme can apply for Aurora student mobility scheme. Financial fee should cover accommodation, travel and allowance. From January 2023, the new Aurora student mobility scheme will be as follows:

  • Travel allowance: 200 EUR
  • Accommodation etc.: 1-14 days 160 EUR/day, 15-30 days 140 EUR/day


Frequently Asked Questions:

Admission requirements



  • Accommodation/housing will be available for international students.
  • Link to the application for housing will be sent to students by e-mail in April 2023.
  • Move-in date: 23 June 2023 at 12:00 noon (CET) the earliest.
  • Housing must be financed by the student; however, the home institutions should have mobility money from the Erasmus+ project Aurora Alliance to cover housing and travel costs for their student.


Arrival service

Arrival service will be arranged.


Social programme

  • Social programme will be available for students.
  • Social programme will be announced in spring 2023 – it is a wonderful opportunity for international participants to get to know each other, Copenhagen, and the Danish culture through specially arranged activities such as guided city tours of Copenhagen, Danish folk-dancing, comedy night as well as a weekend trip around Denmark.


Introduction meeting

Date: 26 June 2023. Students will get important information about different aspects of ISUP such as studying at CBS, courses and exams, library resources etc.


Electronic transcripts

Electronic transcripts will confirm the courses taken and grades received. We do not issue certificates of attendance, and we do not indicate failing grades on transcripts.


Extra information

Please check our websites at and the aurora webpage for further information.

The contact person at ISUP for Aurora partners is Casper Lindblad Andresen, and the contact e-mail regarding Aurora courses for both partners and students is


European Universities Forum at Palacký University Olomouc

On the 1st and 2nd of December, Palacký University Olomouc will organize the European Universities Forum. This high-level event, organized in the light of the Czech EU presidency, will provide an opportunity to discuss and assess the role of European Universities Initiative pilot phase in the Czech higher education context and within the European aims of building the Higher Education Area.

This event will be an incubator for new ideas on the mobilisation of universities, in the broadest sense, to promote shared European values and a strengthened identity, and also to improve the quality, attractiveness and international competitiveness of Europe’s higher education establishments.

This forum will be opened by the Czech Deputy-Minister for Education, and brings together the participating universities from various Member States, the European Commission and of course all of the relevant stakeholders, in particular the alliances of European universities.

The two-day programme features:

  •       Two high-level panel sessions addressing the priorities of the European Universities’ ambitions
  •       Three “Alliance workshops” intended as spaces for exchanging best practices between Czech alliances and their top management focusing on research and education developments, offering initial feedback on their pilot phase in order to contribute to developing the next steps
  •       A closing session, reporting on the panels and thematic sessions to contribute to Czech national and European level on the future of European universities in Higher Education.

For more information on the event, take a look at  

Open Aurora Courses at the Universität Innsbruck.



On the Universität Innsbruck Aurora Homepage the students can find all necessary information about the application process and the registration link. Below you will find a list of courses for WiSe 2022 / 2023. In particular, we would like highlight the first course listed, as it is part of the Joint Programme: Understanding Europe.


This course is the first part of the Joint Programme: Understanding Europe, formed by the Pilot Domain 3.4.4 – Cultures: Diversity & Identity.  


This course introduces students into studying the visions and challenges of Europe and European integration in the making. Trans-European conflict, cooperation and integration is addressed from a historical and contemporary perspective: We look at the historical constitution of Europe, its political institutions, societal objectives and symbolic representations in media, film, literature, popular culture and arts. In six learning units, we will cover:

  • The European Union: History and Current Challenges
  • Migration and Mobility
  • Philosophical and Political Concepts of Europe
  • War and Conflict in Europe
  • Imagined Others and Memory Cultures
  • Narratives of Europe in film, literature and arts

Although the official deadline is September 4th, students can still apply and their details will be processed manually.



Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Aurora Innsbruck Office team:

Aurora Student Schemes

We are pleased to announce that you can now apply for the Aurora Student Schemes for the upcoming Academic year 2022/2023. Become part of an international community of students by taking on one of the following two roles:  

Student Ambassador

If you want to be a part of an international community of students, the role of Aurora Student Ambassador will be perfect for you. 

In this role, you will be given the opportunity to take part in a variety of online and in-person events, together with students from across all Aurora Universities.

You will be offered several international workshops that will boost you personal and professional development. At the end of the year, you will be invited to participate in the Aurora Student Conference, where you will meet your fellow ambassadors.

Student Champion

This role is created specifically for students that want to go the extra mile.  You will directly work on the key Aurora topics, in addition to the joint activities provided to Aurora Student Ambassadors.

Students that amass at least 15 hours of combined participation in the joint program and the working groups will be given the certificate of Aurora Student Champion.


The program for the student ambassadors and champions will take place between October 2022 to July 2023. In October, a first joint online session will serve as an introduction to the scheme and Aurora in general and you will be given information on the various working groups and activities you could join. 

More detailed information on the program for the academic year 2022/2023 will be announced soon! 


The application is open from July 1st to September 18th, 2022.

Applying is simple, just sign up through the application form below.

Aurora Student Schemes – Application Form

If you have any questions, you can contact your local Aurora Office, or


Aurora Student Schemes 22-23 – Flyer

Aurora Student Schemes 22-23 – Poster


Aurora Spring Biannual a great success for Palacký University

The Aurora Spring Biannual which took place in Innsbruck between the 10th and the 12th of May was a great success for Palacký University, looking back on our achievements so far and paving the way for the road ahead.  

Palacký University Olomouc has been elected to become a full member of the Aurora Network, now giving us full access to decision-making within Aurora.  

Palacký University Olomouc was awarded this improved position due to our excellent contribution to the Aurora European University Alliance programme, leading by example in its implementation.

The Aurora Network is focused on fulfilling the global mission of Aurora, stretching beyond the borders of Europe and the European Universities Initiative. Its various tasks include lobbying, international outreach, and collaboration with non-European partners in the field of education and research.    

JUDr. Mag. iur. Michal Malacka, Ph.D., MBA, Vice-Rector for Strategy and Regional Affairs and UP’s Aurora Strategic Manager: “We are really pleased with the great success of our entire UP team in paving the way towards becoming a full member of the Aurora Network after one and half year of intense Aurora Alliance collaborations. Network membership guarantees the full potential of our university to accelerate towards becoming global leaders in innovative education, research, and sustainable growth.”

During the biannual special consideration was given to the horrendous aggressions faced by our Ukrainian colleagues at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Tetyana Kaganovska, the president of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University made the perilous journey from Kharkiv to Innsbruck to show appreciation for our support raising a substantial amount of money  and support to Karazin University’s continuing academic mission.

Other important takeaways of the Biannual are UP signing a Letter of Intent with our Aurora Partners to create an innovative European Master’s degree in Digital Society & Global Citizenship. “Palacký University’s contribution to the development of this European Degree is a great opportunity for us to be at the forefront of these cutting-edge developments” according to Vit Zouhar, Vice-rector for Education. This interdisciplinary joint-degree will be developed in the months to come.

Student participation is at the heart of Aurora’s mission and goals through Aurora Student Schemes. Starting this summer, they are being led by Palacký University. A call for application will be published at the end of June.

Sustainable growth and development, one of the main topics of the biannual, remains an important priority for all Aurora Universities.  Zuzana Hunkova, Palacký University’s Coordinator for Sustainable Development: “We have proposed to the Board of Presidents that each university will count their baseline CO2e emissions, implement Aurora travel codex, and set and publish at least three targets from eight areas defined in the Sustainable Campus Action Plan.”

For more information on the excellent work of the Aurora Universities, and our continued collaboration offering opportunities to our students make sure to visit our renewed website or

OPEN CALL – Aurora Staff Mobilities

It is our pleasure to announce our ongoing call for UP Aurora Staff Mobility, which will allow  selected applicants a short staff mobility to any Aurora University (except associate partners). 

This scheme is open for all UP employees and can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as teaching, research, training or job shadowing. Due to popular demand, we can now also offer you the opportunity to cover a conference participation, if combined with a visit to the relevant department to plan further cooperation. 

This call will be open on an ongoing basis, with applications being evaluated by the Aurora Staff Mobility Evaluation Committee (ASMEC) every first Monday of the month. The results of the evaluation will be communicated to the applicants within the same week.

Please keep in mind to submit your application at least two months before the start of your planned mobility.

N.B.:The ASMEC will not convene in the months of August and December, meaning that applications filed in the months of July and November will be assessed September and January, respectively.

This call is open from the 1st March 2022, allowing for mobilities starting in May 2022, onward. For more information on the conditions, selection criteria and the application sheet, please to a look at the documents below. 

If you wish to apply, or have any questions please contact Tereza Lyckova


The application form can be found here:

Aurora Mobility Application 2022 – Final

Additional documents can be found here: 

Aurora Staff Mobility Scheme – Terms 2022 – Final

Aurora Staff Mobility – UP Grant Agreement 2022 – Final

CALL – Aurora International Traineeship Programme

Do you like to discover new things? Do you enjoy accepting challenges and want to test your knowledge and practical skills in the field? Then it is time to start preparing for your traineeship abroad.

An international traineeship will offer you the chance to learn how to communicate and work efficiently in a multicultural environment, developing your foreign language skills. During your traineeship you will have the opportunity to build up your CV and grow your professional network, while also strengthening your self-confidence and independence.

The AURORA European Universities Alliance is here to extend the offer of relevant student traineeships abroad and to increase their impact through the implementation of four AURORA pilot domains (Sustainability & Climate Change, Digital Society & Global Citizenship, Health & Well-being, Culture: Diversity & Identity), Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation element, research and Service Learning.

  • Your traineeship shall take place in one of the countries involved in the AURORA European Universities Alliance, i.e. Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and United Kingdom.
  • Its duration is minimum 6 weeks and maximum 5 months during the period September 2021 – August 2023.
  • Preference will be given to traineeships related to any of four AURORA pilot domains listed above, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation element, research or Service Learning.
  • We can help you to find a relevant host organisation or you can search for it through our associate partner AIESEC. Of course, you can also find a suitable traineeship provider by yourself.
  • You will be supported with a grant covering your subsistence and travel costs in the amount of 750 EUR per month.
  • For more information on conditions of participation, financial support, application process etc., please click here. To learn more about AIESEC opportunities, please take a look at the current AIESEC offer.

If you are interested, please contact Soňa Duchoňová or Zuzana Hanelová to discuss your traineeship plans.

  • Your traineeship shall take place in one of the countries involved in the AURORA European Universities Alliance International Traineeship Programme, i.e. Austria, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain.
  • Its duration is minimum 6 weeks and maximum 5 months during the period September 2021 – August 2023.
  • Preference will be given to traineeships related to any of four AURORA pilot domains listed above, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation element, research or Service Learning.
  • We can help you to find a relevant host organisation or you can search for it through our associate partner AIESEC. Of course, you can also find a suitable traineeship provider by yourself.
  • You will be supported with a grant covering your subsistence and travel costs in the amount of 750 EUR per month.
  • For more information on conditions of participation, financial support, application process etc., please click here. To learn more about AIESEC opportunities, please take a look at the current AIESEC offer.

If you are interested, please contact Soňa Duchoňová, or Zuzana Hanelová to discuss your traineeship plans.



Information For Financial Support Applicants

Financial support application EN

Financial support application CS

Recommendation letter EN

Recommendation letter CS

Letter of admission EN

Things to Remember

Become part of the pool of potential AURORA Doctoral Committee Members!

Reviewer, counterspeaker, committee member wanted for a doctoral thesis? Become part of the pool of potential AURORA Doctoral Committee Members! Gain international experience in doctoral education and establish contacts with reseachers from AURORA partner institutions for further collaborations. Sign up at the link below:

CALL – Aurora Alliance Joint Courses on Sustainable Development Goals

If you are an academic enthusiastic about teaching on SDGs from the perspective of your discipline, or a current research theme relating to one or more SDGs, this is a call for you!

Join our academic community in the making of fellow academics passionate about the SDG perspective. by expressing your interest to teach together with colleagues from other Aurora Alliance universities. 

The make SDGs more prominent in the teaching offer of the Aurora Alliance, we aim to organize a series of joint lectures and a joint introductory course on Sustainable Development Goals. The latter, taught fully online, will already start the upcoming Fall semester.

If you would like to be involved in this community and help set the teaching standards and develop these curricula, we invite you to contact Miroslav Syrovátka (, currently collecting this information as UP representative concerned with Aurora’s SDG-offer. 

In your email, make sure to include:

  • The title of one or more proposed lectures
  • Short one-paragraph outline(s) explaining to which SDG (one or more) it relates  

 The lectures are intended for master level students and we invite non-technical, introductory, and interdisciplinary contents.

If you are keen and ready to teach from an SDG please make sure to contact Mr. Syrovátka. We will be open to receive your general expressions of interest throughout April and May.

We are very pleased to already announce latest list of Palacký University Aurora SDG-Lectures.  This list will be updated as more lecturers join our Aurora SDG-teaching community!   

Join an Aurora Short Program or Summer School

Ready to make the most of your summer? Want to study in another part of Europe?

Learn a new skill, develop new knowledge to enhance your degree studies and graduate prospects?

All Aurora university students have the benefit of learning what’s on offer this summer at other Aurora universities, through this one-stop-shop of your Aurora options this summer*. From Global Health to International Criminal Justice and from Central Europe and European Integration to Global Transitional Sociology, there’s a range of subjects to suit everyone, and in many cases, special discounts are provided for students from other Aurora universities.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below to access the summer school courses, find out more, check dates and deadlines, and find out how to apply.

Would you like to be kept updated with Aurora university’s short courses and summer schools and associated funding opportunities? Please register your interest by completing this short form. You can also use the form to ask questions that we can direct to the appropriate Aurora university.

We hope you will be able to take the opportunity to study abroad at another Aurora university during your degree!

*Please note that some dates are to be confirmed and delivery modes may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please get in touch directly with the hosting university for final details.

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